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Mr Mark Virtue

Leave of Absence Member, Leave of Absence Sponsor, Inactive Lead

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  • I was born in Wollongong NSW in 1964.  I have two younger sisters.  I grew up in Sydney, and lived there most of my life, aside from travelling overseas for several years and living a year in Brisbane (where I first sang Barbershop).  In 2009, tired of living in the Big City, I moved to Mullumbimby NSW, near Byron Bay.  Six weeks later I met my wife, Brony, and 18 months after that our daughter Lucy was born.  We were married in October 2011.  Brony has two kids of her own, Jazzy and Ziggy, who live with us 50% of the time.

    I completed a degree in computers in 1985 and started work as a programmer shortly thereafter.  In 1995 I started working for myself (my company is called Virtual Creations), and in 2001 started focussing on developing and hosting websites as my primary business (the first proper website I created was for the River City Clippers).  There's no lack of demand for websites, and the business of building and hosting them now comfortably supports me and my family.

    Looking after a young family takes up most of my time these days.  Aside from a cappella singing, my only pastimes these days are cycling and squash.

    With no other singing experience to speak of, simply a love for vocal harmony, I started Barbershop in 2001 with the Brisbane River City Clippers.  After we went to the Melbourne national convention that year, I moved home to Sydney, where I joined Sydney Harmony and sang with them for four years, singing with them at the Perth and Gold Coast conventions.  During that time I formed a quartet with three other Sydney Harmony guys.  We were called Ignition, and sang together for two years.  At the Perth convention we finished 8th and took home the trophy for best new quartet (for two of us - myself included - it was our first time on the national stage).  We disbanded when two of the guys moved out of Sydney.

    After the 2005 Gold Coast convention, I felt that Sydney Harmony had lost their way, and left the chorus, along with several other members.  I formed an a cappella (SATB) quartet (Vocalicious) and sang Tenor with them for two years until I moved to Mullumbimby in 2009.

    For three years I did no singing at all, until I rejoined Barbershop in 2012 when Sound Connection formed.  Much happier now...

    My favourite moment in my Barbershop life was doing a "Sing with the Champs" with my good friend John Newell and Realtime at the Indianapolis international convention in 2006: